analyse my writing

analyse my writing

Analyse my writing
Similarly, once a piece of writing is pasted, the lexical density can be immediately measured, which focuses on the number of content words versus the total number of words. The percentage for the entire text is displayed, as well as the density for every single sentence in the text. Examples of lexical words and their overall density in the sentence are also broken down as evidence for students as they revise their writing. While this tool is interesting, one of the useful graphs it includes is the breakdown of parts of speech in the writing.
Underneath the box that holds the writing are a variety of focus areas for the student to choose. Each area allows the student to make specific edits to their writing and include basic text statistics, common words and phrases, readability, Lexical density, passive voice, and cloze text.

Analyse my writing
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Uses familiar, common words (e.g. like, went) and one, two and three letter high frequency words (e.g. I, my, to, the, a, see, me).
Sentence structure & Grammatical features

The difficult & extraneous word finder helps you write clearly and concisely by identifying possible weak points in your prose, including rare words, hard words, adverbs and extra hedge words.
The Analyzer works best with plain text.