auto grader

auto grader

only submit code that at least implements stubs for all required methods and functions, otherwise nothing will compile.
The grader response times can get slow around submission time. So plan ahead. “the grader was slow” will not get you additional time.

Auto grader
If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.
If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again.

Auto grader
YOU made a mistake. Admit it and don’t punish students for it. Do not change your auto-grader AFTER the grades have already been posted. This approach will leave a sour taste for everyone all around. Consider, do you really want to give the impression that students have to be in competition with each other for a better grade when you make a mistake?
One way out would be to void the results of the autogravder for anyone disadvantaged and give them one additional attempt to submit. But that could also be a problem because of time constraints on other things in your course and in their other courses.

This is not to suggest that there aren’t some big kinks to work out. For one, a recent New York Times column describes how easy it is to game the auto-readers, suggesting that their exclusive use would be foolish. (Such is the nature of computer programming: for every cyber-hole there is a hacker.) But in the world of programming, trying to break code is just part of the process that ultimately makes software more robust. For example, one weakness of the current auto-graders is their blindness to factual accuracy and plagiarism. However, since computers can already reliably beat humans at Jeopardy and identify cases of plagiarism in college essays, solutions are likely on both of these fronts.
One automated grader can review 16,000 essays in 20 seconds. A human grader would need over three months of 9 to 5 work to grade as much—and that’s at a fast clip of one essay every two minutes. To state and district leaders facing recession-era budgets, the possibility of automated essay grading must be mighty enticing.

Auto grader
Students: have you been invited to a course by your instructor?
Instructors: start using MATLAB Grader for free.