best motorcycle breakdown cover reviews

best motorcycle breakdown cover reviews

Most motorbike breakdown policies offer the same cover options as a standard car policy. This means you can get:
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Best motorcycle breakdown cover reviews
Ultimately, base your decision on how much you rely on your vehicle. How vulnerable you are to breakdowns and how much value you place on a fast, reliable service.
Nightmare scenarios like those are the main reason why most UK drivers choose to take out breakdown insurance.

Best motorcycle breakdown cover reviews
We will also pay up to £150.00 within the UK, towards the reasonable cost of alternative transport for one person to return and collect the repaired vehicle. This limit is increased to £200.00 within Europe for our Four and Five Star levels of cover, for two people to return and collect the repaired vehicle.
For European policies where breakdowns occur abroad and the vehicle cannot be repaired on the same working day, resulting in you not being able to stay at your pre-booked accommodation, the limit is increased to £150.00 per person for one night. The maximum Emergency Overnight Accommodation Abroad payment per incident is £1000.00.

Motorcycle insurance usually doesn’t include breakdown cover, so it’s best to check with your provider.
Each time, you can claim up to £535 worth of repairs (including a £35 excess) – just give us a call before any garage work is started.

Best motorcycle breakdown cover reviews
If you opt to cover a bike, this will give you the cheapest cover and is the sensible option if you only ever ride one machine. You provide that bike’s registration, take out a policy and it’s covered. Incidentally, the bike will be covered no matter who is riding it (nice little bonus).
If your policy does include cover it may be very limited (i.e. with an excess) or it may not offer any form of recovery.