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Cram com
Online flashcards are a great way to study! Cram is your number one online educational resource. We have a wide selection of flashcards for you to study, memorize, test yourself on, and more. Learn a foreign language, practice your multiplication table or prepare for your MCAT by memorizing every bone in the body. Whatever it is you want to learn, Cram has you covered. Flashcards are effective because they are founded on the principles of rote and memorization. With Cram.com, you can use our web-based flashcard maker to create your own set. Once you create your online flashcards, you will be able to study, export or even share it with your fellow classmates. You can collaborate perfectly with anyone, anytime. Get cramming today!
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Monthly access to Cram Premium is available for just $5 a month – roughly the cost of a single latte. A semester plan offers a slightly discounted rate and additional pricing plans will be available soon.
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Cram uses online flashcards to help learners to study. Cram has a wide selection of flashcards for all to study, memorize, test oneself and more. Subjects contain subjects from accounting, algebra, anatomy, anthropology, auditing, awana, bible, biology over literature and macroeconomics to science, Shakespeare, social studies, statistics and trigonometry. Flashcards are founded on the principles of rote and memorization. With Cram.com, learners and teachers can use our web-based flashcard maker to create as many own sets as they like. Self created online flashcards can be studied, exported and shared with classmates or groups of learners, anywhere, anytime. Cram also exists as mobile flashcards for Android, iPhone or Windows mobile device, allowing learners to take flashcards on the go! Viewing flash cards is free but in order to create flash cards registering is required.
The application is language independent but the interface is in English.
At present there are over 166 milion flash cards within the system.
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Cram com

By far the best flashcard app I use. Similar features that make Anki so great with the simple interface and flexibility of a web-only service like Quizlet. However, please make folders for the app the way they exist on the website. It’s a tedious process to have to go through so many decks for different classes all mixed in together. Also, make it possible that the program can automatically blank out words so that you have some context but need to figure out the words from memory (kind of like the Cloze system from Anki but more in the style of iMemorize). This would make it easier to memorize steps in a reaction/process or memorizing lists. These would be one-sided cards written by us, and the program can blank out words that you have to type in or guess or something. Also PLEASE make an offline PC/Mac version. I want to be able to make flashcards on my laptop when I’m traveling without Internet connection. Making them on my phone or iPad is too impractical since it wastes a lot of time. Having an offline program like this that syncs with the web when Internet is restored would make Cram the best service for flashcards I know of.

When you log into your Cram account the app automatically downloads your account information including: your created flashcard sets, your favorite flashcard sets and the flashcard sets you study most frequently.

Cram com
Why you’ll love this flashcard app:
■ Completely free and easy to use
■ Syncs with your Cram.com account
■ Accesses all 75,000,000+ flashcards on Cram.com
■ Works online and offline; when you’re ready to study your flashcards, so is the app
■ Supports two study modes: Card mode and Memorize mode
■ Create/Edit flashcards within the app
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