essay consultation

essay consultation

At this point in time, there is little published evidence that this process actually leads to improved clinical outcome measures, but consideration of ethical principles would allow us to conclude that the involvement of patients will inevitably result in safer and better patient care. (Elwyn et al. 1999)
Accurate identification of the patient’s perspectives, needs and beliefs and then the addressing of any significant differences between these and the prescriber’s requirements, are seen to be progressively more important in the successful delivery of nurse prescribed health care.

REFLECTION SESSION First-Year Writing Seminar instructors and other teachers of writing can work with tutors to review a set or selection of student papers after instructors have already written comments and assigned grades.
Knight Institute GWS tutors are a valuable resource not just for writers, but also for teachers. The Essay Response Consultation enables instructors to sit down one on one with tutors to talk about student writing. Because they have a great deal of experience in reading and talking about student essays and helping students to understand and learn from teacher comments, Knight tutors can usefully support instructors who want to deepen and extend strategies for commenting on student work.

Essay consultation

“ Your assistance with our daughter’s college essays was invaluable. Your input made her writing much stronger and smoother. We have a son who is a junior in high school, so we will be contacting you again soon. ”

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Essay consultation
Written by Thea Hogarth
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  • 60 minutes of one on one advising with a DazzleDocs tutor.
  • Advice specific to your situation, regardless of what that may be.
  • A concrete plan for where to go next with your application or essay.
  • Editing services for completed or rough drafts.
  • Discounted rates for more advanced tutorial services.

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