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essay review

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Michael Kimmel. Manhood in America: A Cultural History. New York: The Free Press, 1996, 1997. 544 pp. Illus.
In his recent book, Michael Kimmel provides a thoughtful, carefully researched, and extremely readable cultural history of manhood and masculinity in America, beginning with the eighteenth-century debates about the new man for a new country: Will he be the Genteel Patriarch, a founding father with a slight air of the Continent and its foppery? The Heroic Artisan, a hardworking patriot whose physical labor is an art as well as a product? Or the Self-Made Man, who can craft his body and image many times over to traverse the shifting cultural shoals of the ensuing decades? With the help of historians and theorists like Nancy Cott and Eric Lott as well as cultural texts ranging from the novels of Herman Melville to the “M-F Test” of the 1930s that tested for appropriate gender role identification, Kimmel retraces the journey American society has asked its men to take towards that ideal of the Self-Made Man, a journey often completed at the expense of women, minorities, and their own happiness.

Essay review

Reviews should also include a discussion, with explanations, of the books’ strengths and weaknesses.
§ Provide sufficient examples and evidence to support your conclusions and generalizations.

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Essay review
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