exam film review

exam film review

All manner of psychological mind-games quickly ensue, revealing that Hazeldine has made careful study of previous closed-room enterprises such as Jean-Paul Sartre’s “Vicious Circle,” Oliver Hirschbiegel’s “The Experiment” and Vincenzo Natali’s “Cube.” This sub-genre always places enormous emphasis on the performers and it’s to these actors’ credit that they make their nameless characters convincing and credible here, with Luke Mably’s swaggeringly solipsistic bad-boy charisma (as “White”) dominating both group and film.
Greeted by a stern invigilator (Colin Salmon, deadpan-droll) who lays down specific rules governing the test, the octet are left to their own devices. The first unpleasant surprise is that their exam-papers appear blank. With a large clock ticking down the hour of their allotted time, this fiercely ambitious bunch will have to work together if they have any hope of coming up with the required answer — or even discovering the question.

Exam film review
Then, the clock begins. Eighty minutes, no clues, blank paper with no hint of a question to be answered. The eight are left to themselves, and the game begins. Most of the film is heavily dialogue driven, and considering the sparse setting, Hazeldine could have easily beaten the fun and intensity of the film to death with an overreaching monologue, but he never does. His writing is very tight, engaging, and the interaction for the most part feels like something I could buy in that situation.
There is a lot of psychological thriller in ‘Exam’, with plenty of opportunities to watch the cast work for and against each other. Do they cooperate to answer the question, or do they attempt to eliminate the competition and narrow the field? Is everyone who they appear to be, and if not…how can they trust one another? Hazeldine does an admirable job bouncing these scenarios around the room.

Below is spoilers for the film and where most of the plot holes or just stupidity of the story is mentioned.
Exam is a gem of a film. This low budget psychological thriller is very clever, incredibly entertaining and the production values are all far better then you would expect from such an unknown film. It’s tense, mysterious and has a great atmosphere, and more importantly it stimulates your brain. It’s impossible to not get caught up in the story and try to figure out just what the hell is actually going on. It couldn’t be more engaging.

Exam film review
“it’s a fun mystery movie, makes us as an audience come to think, and in my opinion this movie should be watched with great focus, because when you miss the dialogue you also miss the clue, this movie have a good twist, not a crazy plot twist but just a good plot twist, I recommend”
“character: I’ll make a great movie
Narrator: he will make a bad movie”

Exam film review
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