examples of good apartment reviews

examples of good apartment reviews

“Dobre warunki i wyposazenie. Duzo miejsca. Wygodnie. Dzielenica nieciekawa z ulicami pelnymi zaparkowanych samochodow. Brak parkingu.”
Andrzej (mature couple), Poland booking.com
“Ottima la posizione rispetto alla metro ed ai tram – Zona ben servita e tranquilla.”
Giovanni Olivia, Italy, booking.com

Examples of good apartment reviews
A well-written, fair and detailed apartment review holds apartment owners accountable for providing services promised. An apartment review can provide a helpful warning or point people in the direction of excellence. While it does take time, making your voice known will not only exercise your rights as a renter but also help others make educated choices about where they live. When writing your apartment review, the following questions may be helpful for composing your thoughts.
Independed Evaluator – Mebane, NC

Examples of good apartment reviews
City Average Recommend Score
City Average Recommend Score

Who might write a false review? All types of reviewers could have ulterior motives. For example, a rogue employee from the apartment in question might write a glowing review to improve the image of the apartment. If you think this is the case, keep an eye out for language that sounds like it might be from a brochure. Conversely, you might also encounter an overly negative review, possibly from a competing community or a disgruntled tenant who feels he has been wronged. Inflammatory language about pests or terrible conditions is common among fake reviews. These reviews are often vague, playing on the reader’s emotions rather than presenting the facts. Last, check multiple review sites. If you read lots of reviews that use very similar language, you may have cause for suspicion. In short: if an opinion seems too good or bad to be true, there’s a good chance that it is.
When reading an apartment review, check for specificity. An ideal review will do more than just insult the property or management; instead, the reviewer should lay out grievances, and/or praise in detail to give the reader a thorough understanding of the situation. A really helpful review will include names, dates, and locations. Also look at the types of reviewers. (If you are looking for a single-family apartment, for example, note if an apartment is reviewed mostly by students or singles.) Look for reviews that discuss issues like maintenance, management responsiveness, the desirability of the neighborhood, the price of the apartment vs. its value, cleanliness, amenities, and the quality of the apartment over time. And remember, not all reviews are recent, and therefore not all are relevant. Reviews that are extremely old or were written when the apartment was under different management may no longer apply to apartment life there today. However, if the apartment has been under the same management for years and has consistently gotten poor reviews, steer clear.

Examples of good apartment reviews
Thanks (Host Name) and (Location Name) for a wonderful weekend!
05 . (Host Name) place is perfect for a stay in (Location Name) . The location was great. It’s literally a 5 minute walk to the metro station but it’s also very central. To be honest I️ rarely used public transportation because it was always convenient to just walk but when I️ needed to it was right there.