examples of good film reviews

examples of good film reviews

Examples of good film reviews
“Phantom Thread” is Paul Thomas Anderson’s dreamy cinematography. It is Jonny Greenwood’s impeccably seductive, baroque music. It is Vicky Krieps’s ability to perfectly shatter our preconceptions at every single turn as we realize that Alma is the movie’s actual main character. We often talk about how good films would be worse-off if some part of it were in any way different. In the case of “Phantom Thread,” you flat-out can’t imagine how it would even exist if these things were changed. When so many hot take thinkpieces try to explain away every ending or take a hammer to delicate illusions, it was a pleasure to try and understand how a movie like this one operates on all fronts to maintain an ongoing sense of mystique.
While this survey typically asks smart critics to direct readers toward good movies, we hope that the reverse is also true, and that these posts help movies (good or bad) direct readers towards smart critics.

2. Informal review introduction
Released in 1999, American Beauty shocked the audience, questioning the very basis of the American family life ideal. A powerful and provoking tragical comedy, created by Sam Mendes and a wonderful cast of Kevin Spacey (Lester Burnham), Annette Benning (Caroline Burnham), Mena Suvari (Angela Hayes) and Thora Birch (Jane Burham), exploits the usual topic of the midlife crisis, but uncovers a deep hidden conflict of the personality feeling oppressed within the limits of the “normal” life and the society, which uses a wide range of tools to make you behave in the correct way.

By Valentine Rossetti Once more, the maestro of Spanish cinema, Pedro Almodóvar, gives us a heady mixture of suspense, stormy melodrama, and theatrically dramatic characters.…
There is a saying that lightning never strikes the same place twice. Many of us, however, probably experienced a series of misfortunes at least once…

Examples of good film reviews
One similar thing about these reviews is that they all should contain the same elements regardless of the genre. The elements of a movie review provide the structure on which you will base the analysis. A proper movie review format comprises the following components:

  1. Genre
  2. Title and year
  3. Names of the lead actors
  4. Name of the director
  5. Title of the book (if based on a book)
  • Draft the review outline: Draft an outline with which you will write the review. The overview will help you organize your review concisely and logically. The outline is more like the skeletal frame on which the whole study will stand. A good draft will yield a perfect report, and the reverse is also true.

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