examples of good reviews

examples of good reviews

Examples of good reviews
Trustpilot is a platform that companies can access for free. Reviews are public, but that doesn’t guarantee that the reviewed company will see your feedback. If you have an urgent problem, you should contact the company directly.
Here are two examples that consumers and the reviewed company might find useful:

Examples of good reviews
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Case studies can also serve as customer testimonials when you take small sections of them.

Examples of good reviews
As you might expect, neutral reviews usually combine positive comments with negative feedback — which means that you’ll have to take what you can from the previous two sections and determine review response techniques most applicable to your situation.
When the feedback is negative, businesses focus more on engaging directly with the customer, showing the willingness to understand and sympathize with their experience, and offering them an easy way to access the business — usually including direct contact information.

Examples of good reviews
Chef John Howie responds to Yelp reviews of his restaurant Seastar Seafood Restaurant and Raw Bar on YouTube. This is advantageous in a few ways. First, he reaches a broader audience than just Yelp users. Videos are shared much more often than other forms of media so this can help increase visibility for Seastar Seafood Restaurant and Raw Bar. Second, a response like this establishes the restaurant’s credibility — it’s obviously authentic since you can see the chef himself talking.
Responding to every customer review and mention across every single review platform is easier said than done. It’s easy for a business to let review responses fall to the wayside in favor of other priorities. That’s where BirdEye’s review automation software can help.

Examples of good reviews
There is a ton of research that goes a step further and attempts to quantify reviews actual dollar value. One such study by the Harvard Business Review found, “a one-star increase in Yelp rating leads to a 5-9% increase in revenue.” On the other hand, only 2.5 percent of consumers trust businesses with overall ratings of 2.0 stars or less. If 97% of potential customers skip over your business, it’ll be hard to keep the lights on.
70% of U.S. consumers say they’ve spent more money to do business with a company that delivers excellent service. It’s not surprising then that a good review will shed a positive light on your customer experience. An added bonus is if a review makes particular note of your staff or even calls out an employee by name: