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However, this version of the review is OK:
The following reviews are too brief to tell readers what’s good about the company. They also don’t provide much useful feedback to help the business improve:

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If you can’t find a company on Trustpilot, don’t worry! You can still review them. Create a new company profile page and be the first person to review a business.

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Now that you’ve seen a ton of different examples of how various companies ask their customers for reviews, you can decide for yourself what’s the best way.
OpenTable is essentially the Amazon of restaurant reservations, so reviews are an important element for their community of users.

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If you have a business, you may be wondering how you can get more online reviews. Good reviews, after all, bring a lot of credibility to your company. One of the best ways to snag those important reviews is to ask your customers right after they purchase a product or receive a service from you. The general idea for asking for reviews is to strike while the iron is hot.
We are so thrilled you’ve chosen to purchase [specific product name] from us. How are you liking it so far? We are working hard to build a higher quality product for our customers by listening to buyers’ comments and concerns.

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When you start receiving positive reviews from your customers, keep the momentum going by highlighting and sharing them so other customers are inspired to do the same.
HubSpot Research also found that 60% of consumers believed customer reviews were either trustworthy or very trustworthy — meaning that businesses that can accumulate positive reviews had a good chance of them helping a customer make a purchase decision.