good customer service comments examples

good customer service comments examples

Good customer service comments examples
Please also remember that Trustpilot’s role is not to resolve disputes between reviewers and businesses. However, if you choose to write a review on Trustpilot, the company in question may see your feedback and engage with you. And other users who read your review will be able to learn from your experiences.
Freedom of speech gives you the right to express yourself, but there’s a line between appropriate and inappropriate. At the extreme end, the law prohibits defamatory statements. This includes accusatory statements that are untrue or not yet proven to be true.

Good customer service comments examples
Not only is this story totally “aww”-inducing, but it just goes to show that, sometimes, you have to break the rules. Even for a corporate company, the store decided to take matters into its own hands for the sake of one customer. The fact that Trader Joe’s delivered the food and paid for it despite never doing either of those things regularly is what makes this act of kindness so remarkable.
Your customer service staff is the face of your company. Whether or not you train them correctly can truly make or break your business. Below we will show you some amazing examples of customer service so you can see what it looks like when it’s done right. No matter what industry you’re in, you are still in the business of customer service.

Good customer service comments examples
Now that you have a solid understanding of both the importance of good reviews and actual examples of real reviews, it’s time to focus on generating more of them. There are a lot of different ways that you can help control the narrative in your reviews, but here are three critical areas you can’t ignore.
Using examples of six good customer reviews, we equip you with the know-how to set the tone of future customer feedback.

Good customer service comments examples
Great customer service is essential for business. In fact, consumers are willing to spend 17 percent more with companies that deliver excellent service, according to American Express.
Takeaway: Your customers don’t always need large gestures, but just want to know they’re appreciated. In fact, 68 percent of customers leave because they perceive you don’t appreciate them. I’m sure after knowing his request was heard, Mr. Brown feels appreciated and he’ll be a loyal customer for a long time. To keep your company top of your customer’s mind, do smaller acts for more people, instead of a few large things for a lot of people. It’s the little things that count and produce loyal customers.

Good customer service comments examples
Microsoft are just one of many companies that have separate accounts for customer support
Here’s what the rate and review section of the John Lewis website looks like