good for you review

good for you review

Good for you review
That Aminé is socially aware (see his incisive remix of “Caroline” during a post-election performance on “Fallon”) and still finds a way to manifest joy is remarkable, the way any person of color finding a way to enjoy a life under attack is remarkable. At times, there’s an inclination to write off a rapper’s cheeriness as a corny gimmick at best and insincere at worst. Such buoyancy, or #BlackBoyJoy as it’s come to be known on social media, is still an under-appreciated aspect of rap, but every D.R.A.M., Lil Yachty, and Chance the Rapper brings that quality a step closer to acceptance. With Good for You, Aminé joins their ranks, basking in his own resilient sense of humor.
When he does let the reality of his pain win, it comes in the form of standout “Sundays”—the emblematic day of serenity and rest. Set to slow-burning snares and a harmonizing vocal, it’s a poetic series of pre- and post-fame revelations. “I bench press my problems like add another weight/And act like it’s all right when it’s not,” he raps, falling into a layered hook. “Some days we get Sundays/But most days, the rain comes down/And I feel like I’m bound to drown/Jesus Christ.” It’s followed by the melancholic “Turf,” examining the things—the people, the mentalities—he left when he finally escaped his hometown. In these instances, he proves capable of more than a hit single or one-dimensional feel-good music; his joy becomes that much more meaningful when he explores the things that would constrain it.

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Good for you review
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Good for you review
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