grammar and plagiarism checker

grammar and plagiarism checker

Grammar and plagiarism checker
Subscription users also have the plagiarism checker at their disposal when scanning their papers for style and grammar suggestions. Just as with our other writing tools, when you use the tool to check plagiarism, changes are never made without your review, so you are always in the driver’s seat. You can review each highlighted area as well as the sources of matching text and will always be given a choice to either accept or ignore both citation and grammar suggestions.
Great ideas may be an essential part of high-quality writing, but they’re not the only component. Excellent papers and essays clearly express strong ideas with good grammar, proper punctuation, spot-on spelling, and thorough, careful citations. While this may sound like a lot, your teachers and professors are grading you on your skills as both a writer and a researcher, which means your assignments will require an ethical and attentive approach. Luckily, there is no shortage of available tools to help you along your way.

APA? MLA? OMG! We guide you through citation styles with easy formatting, works cited pages, footnotes and more.
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Grammar and plagiarism checker
The best part about it? Instant suggestions. No further reading, waiting for a human proofreader to respond to you, or racing across campus to get to the writing center before it closes.
There are quite a few acts of intentional or unintentional dishonesty that students are surprised to learn also meet the definition of plagiarism.

Grammar and plagiarism checker
So when you submit to a free plagiarism checker — or a subscription-based one — you’re comparing your own writing to other writings online. Your essay is checked using algorithms. How does this help you? In short, it protects you from accidentally getting a reputation as a plagiarist. Once you’ve uploaded a paper, the checker will scan your writing to make sure that your writing is wholly your own, saving you plenty of headaches and ensuring that your original ideas are shining through clearly with support from sources, rather than borrowing too heavily from other research.
Try Citation Machine Plus and get a free grammar check for your paper, scan your paper for text that may need a citation, and rest easier knowing your paper’s had an extra review before your teacher sees it.

Grammar and plagiarism checker
The most common mistake is contextual usage error that can be mostly found in the work of non-native writers. The writers usually think in their mother language and look for its meaning in English, which results in an inappropriate word that doesn’t fit in the context. It also happens with native writers when they are writing a lengthy document on the same topic and to produce variations they start to look for synonyms which sometimes make it difficult for them to choose the right synonym. But our advanced algorithm is developed in a way that it will suggest synonyms according to the context of a sentence and the content. So, you can opt for our free grammar check.
So, if you are looking to make your content precise and don’t want the reader to misinterpret the information just because of non-contextual use of the word, then here it comes our best grammar checker.