great customer service reviews

great customer service reviews

Great customer service reviews
They don’t give feedback to help you.
Instead, it’s extra important that you make things right for the customer and respond to their review. If you’re lucky (and tech allows), the customer might even reply on the review site to thank you publicly. And shoppers reading that exchange will feel that extra bit of reassurance that you’ll do what it takes to make them happy.

Great customer service reviews
This does not apply solely to customers post-purchase, but at every single point on the customer journey. Your tone and voice in this interaction will help guide your customers, so expect it to be reflected back in their reviews.
Now that you have a solid understanding of both the importance of good reviews and actual examples of real reviews, it’s time to focus on generating more of them. There are a lot of different ways that you can help control the narrative in your reviews, but here are three critical areas you can’t ignore.

Great customer service reviews
Though this example may be a little tougher to replicate on an everyday basis, it’s a great example of how far some companies go to ensure their customers are completely enamored with them. Warby Parker, a disruptor in the eyewear industry, has revolutionized the eyewear buying industry by allowing customers to try on their glasses before buying them.
Who knew Samaritan vans were even a thing? CVS gets major points for this strategy because they are reaching people who may not even shop at CVS. Their cause is rooted in genuine caring for others, which is a big draw for people. People want to shop somewhere they feel valued and cared about.

Great customer service reviews
The following reviews are too brief to tell readers what’s good about the company. They also don’t provide much useful feedback to help the business improve:
However, this version of the review is OK:

Great customer service reviews
So you’re not going to buy reviews (read why that’s a big mistake), so how do you actually get consumers to positively review your business? Work to implement these five tried-and-true tactics.
Positive photos of customers using your product or service or displaying it in real-life situations demonstrates an extra level of effort that not only proves their loyalty to your business, but it allows other consumers to see your goods in action, which can help them make informed shopping decisions.