how do you write a good review

how do you write a good review

How do you write a good review
We don’t moderate or censor reviews before they’re posted because we trust that the majority of our users have good intentions. But publishing a review online means it’s public. Therefore, the same kinds of rules apply to customer reviews as to any kind of published opinion.
Check that you’re posting your review in the right place. If a company has claimed their profile on Trustpilot, there’s often information about that business on the right-hand side of the profile page that can help you check whether this is the business you’re intending to review.

How do you write a good review
You can review basically anything if you find the right outlet for it, but the best way to present your thoughts depends on what you’re writing about and who your audience is. But with most types of reviews, there’s a simple structure you can stick to in order to help you get started:

Rather than grasp for an arbitrary value, state plainly what a movie called to mind, or how it didn’t quite land with you, and explain why.

How do you write a good review
Businesses, this is (one of the ways) where you come in. Customers expect you to respond to their reviews. In fact, 30% of consumers identify that a business’ response to reviews is key when judging local businesses. In fact, 89% of consumers read a company’s response to reviews, and 7 in 10 have said that a business’ response to a review has changed their opinion about that business.
We already emphasized that good reviews typically identify strong customer service principles that your business demonstrates, so to warrant these gold-star reviews, you need to make top-notch customer service an elemental part of your business. By providing an above-and-beyond customer service experience, you’re setting yourself up for the ultimate ROI—good reviews and more business.

How do you write a good review
– It would be great if you included more accurate delivery information, as my package arrived late due to the bank holiday.
Likewise with times, as some business – especially restaurants or shops – may be busier at certain times of the day, or have rotating staff which may have influenced your own experience but not really reflect the business in question as a whole.

How do you write a good review
Don’t get me wrong, everyone likes a good story, and part of the best online reviews I’ve read is the way the reviewer sets up the situation so I could identify with his or her experience. Even so, you want to make sure you include things like the date you went to a restaurant or shop, when you placed an order or opened your product, who you ordered through if it wasn’t the site you’re writing the review on, and of course, lay out your experience with relevant information to your complaint or compliment.
For example, if you had a tough time getting service at a restaurant, other readers will want to know what time of day you went, whether the restaurant was crowded, whether the staff ignored you outright, or whether it was something specific (like your order took too long to arrive, or it took a long time to be seated). Trim out the fat, like the weather, what you were wearing, or where you sat unless it’s important.