how to get good reviews in game dev tycoon

how to get good reviews in game dev tycoon

How to get good reviews in game dev tycoon

  • Use the right slider values. Common sense and then experimentation help a lot. I find some genres harder to “guess” though (RPG and Adventure are my focus so far)
  • Make a game using your team’s strengths. Quite naturally, if you keep making RPG games, your team might have trouble pulling off good Strategy or Casual games since they don’t focus on the same sliders
  • Once in a while, create a new engine with around 4 new technologies (preferably ones in the domains your genres use) and use it on the next game. This usually raises the amount of points created by the team.
  • Once you get to Medium games, assigning the right person for each job is important. Thus, hiring the right people for the type of games you make. There is little feedback on this in-game though. I looked at “specialization training” and the required skill values to get a sense of what’s needed for each game aspect. For example a Tech specialist is great to work on the Engine part. Level Design requires a bit of Tech and a bit of Creativity though, leaning towards Tech.
  • Make sure your employees are rested before starting a game. Nothing worst than someone with a fatigue bar during production. I usually do contract jobs, research and training in-between games to “tire out” employees and send them on vacation. Then I start a new game project.
  • Once you’re able to, train for “Boost” and use it during production. It boosts the whole team’s output for a short while. If more than one person has Boost, you can chain them throughout production.
  • Train your team in-between projects
  • Don’t repeat topics right away
  • Use the right audience for the chosen platform (reviews tend to indicate when you get it wrong)
  • Use the right topic for the chosen audience

How to get good reviews in game dev tycoon
Currently I’m at Y24 have about 482k fans full staff (Max skill 700+ except for 2 people and myself) R&D unlocked but nothing completed on a save slot. My previous game bombed. I’ve tried so many different combinations and max review I get is 7 but generally around 5.
I followed all the charts on “ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR GAME DEV TYCOON” . I often get Good combo, Good Management, New topic. Still bad scores.

How to get good reviews in game dev tycoon
You essentially want to make your next game, better. For me, I typically upgrade my engine with 3 or more new features at a time. In the very start, you may have to build a new engine with 2 features at a time.
The game wants you to add more features for every game. Now, you can use all your features for every game, but that will work for a short while until you need to upgrade your engine again.

How to get good reviews in game dev tycoon
Only one score is generated for a game. Then an artificial transformation is applied to get the four scores you can see on the review screen

  • tgs: Target game score (as explained in the first paragraphs)
  • x : Technical expertise factor
  • [A] means A put back between 1 and 10 : if A > 10 then [A] = 10, if A Post-Treatment Edit

How to get good reviews in game dev tycoon
So, before I was against the “allocate your sliders like this” table and was one of the people who were arguing it’s BS and does not work and should not even appear on the wiki, and now I’m advocating just allocating your sliders and telling you it will work?
11. On random events: accept offers like “install conditioners” or “new hardware” or “sponsor women”, but do not pay 120K to Nigerian scam, do not sue people for pirating your games, and do not stop those who develop fan sequels.