how to give nice feedback

how to give nice feedback

How to give nice feedback
David Hassell is a business columnist, speaker, and serial entrepreneur who believes that when leaders institute cultural practices that support each person in being and becoming their best self, high performance and uncommon loyalty naturally result. As co-founder and CEO of 15Five, David created the science-inspired Best-Self Management methodology that helps leaders and managers address the hidden factors that stimulate sustainable growth and development – things like intrinsic motivation, strengths, and psychological safety. David has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Inc., Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and Wired. Follow him on Twitter @dhassell.
Here are nine tips to help managers and leaders give employee feedback that’s frequent, effective, and will help you get you the outcome you need.

How to give nice feedback
It also helps to tell the author what you think their piece is about, because this lets them know that they’re not crazy! If the piece also needs major reworking, they might also use your summary of their main point to restructure their article. Here is a short sample:
That’s an idealized description of how I work. Often, I don’t have much time, and I’ll send a sloppy, quick version. Sometimes, writers don’t actually want that much feedback. They’re just looking for a short, constructive response. So, it always helps to know what’s expected of you.

Try it yourself! Practice giving feedback with a partner, or record yourself and listen to the play-back. And make sure you’re avoiding these common errors that can turn feedback into fights:
When you recognize an issue or problem, giving feedback is the clearest, quickest way to encourage a change in behavior. It can help a co-worker focus on the key areas he or she needs to work on. Plus, many people are motivated or inspired by well-delivered feedback, and will perform at a higher level because of it.

How to give nice feedback
So if you need some time to reflect on multiple points of feedback, don’t be afraid to say so.
To make the habit, see how many compliments or praises you can give out each day and even keep track by making checkmarks on a calendar. Praise people, compliment them, tell them the great job they’ve done, truly appreciate who they are and what they are doing, and acknowledge the great work they do all the time.

How to give nice feedback
Take initiative
Pay attention to your body language when you deliver positive feedback. How you say things is just as important as what you’re saying. Make sure to smile, keep eye contact and use appropriate facial expressions and hand gestures.