how to leave review on google

how to leave review on google

How to leave review on google
Customer feedback comes in many forms, but you can typically sort it into the qualitative (the sentiment of the words of the review) and quantitative (the amount and star rating of reviews). Both types of feedback are beneficial to improving your overall rating and ranking on online review sites. More advanced customer feedback tools such as those giving you a Net Promoter Score (NPS) may use a 0-10 scale to give you a clear look at how your customer base sees you. They can give you insight into the stages of the customer journey that need help as well as aggregate net promoter scores over time.
Now apply that same process to your own business and your own customers. Getting positive reviews signals credibility to your customers. As many as 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from family or friends. More than just adding credibility, positive reviews help you outrank competitors in Google search and Google Maps so more customers can find you and turn into new happy customers.

How to leave review on google

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  • Search Engine Results Pages on a Mobile Device
  • Google Maps App on a Desktop Device or Laptop
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When forming a strategy to help you obtain Google reviews for your business there are three key aspects to keep in mind; integration, timing, and ease.

How to leave review on google

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Make your process for leaving Google reviews is as simple as possible.

How to leave review on google
You do not need a Gmail account or Google+ profile to leave a Google review. No need for anyone to create an account just to leave a review! Once you educate your customers on this, you can see a huge increase in reviews received.
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How to leave review on google
Not using your mobile device? Here’s how to leave a Google review on Desktop. Using Google Search (Desktop)
Using Google Maps (Desktop)