how to make a review video

how to make a review video

How to make a review video

  • Who are you? What are you reviewing? Make it clear to the viewer what they’re watching.
  • Demonstrate the product. Give a little background on the product/service, ideally a demonstration, if possible. Explain what it’s for – you can’t review something without making reference to its purpose.
  • Make one claim – whether it’s positive or negative. Don’t overstretch yourself – try to make just one point about how well the product matched up to its purpose.
  • Revisit the product. Talk more about the product – perhaps speculate on other possible purposes.
  • Make another point. Bring out another comment on the product’s effectiveness relative to its proposed purpose.
  • Try to illustrate your last point with a shot of the product
  • Summarise your points. Now’s the time to give a final word about the product. If you have a standardised means of assessing a product (e.g. with a star rating, or a mark out of 10), this is the time to use it.
  • Include a final shot of the product.
  • Give a goodbye greeting and invite viewers to follow you, providing them with social media links, or a link to your YouTube channel.

Plus, if you do make a name for yourself, you may find that people start sending you stuff to review – how great would that be?

How to make a review video
Start the camera, speak your line and do your action, and stop your video. This makes it really easy to cut out all the scrappy parts of your video
You can add star shapes if you want to do your review in stars, or numbers, or anything you can think of!

How to make a review video
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Now that mobile phones, cheap video cameras and Webcams have hit the mainstream, many of the product review videos of today feel like over-long lectures on the intricacies of tax code. These videos lack focus, ramble on for too long, and have less visual flair than a taped city council meeting.
Your audience would like to watch a review of the product not study for a doctoral thesis, so keep the review short and to the point. If you find that you’re running over three minutes it’s time to apply some judicious editing.

How to make a review video
Don’t forget to take photos to accompany your video footage. Again, these should be an inventive collection of stills, close-ups, the product in use, viewed from an unusual angle, etc. Use your imagination 5 Ways to Learn Photography Basics and Improve Camera Skills Learning photography is the first step. These websites and tutors will teach you photography basics with interactive demos. Read More and take far more than you will need.
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