how to make money writing book reviews

how to make money writing book reviews

How to make money writing book reviews
Pay: $100 per review
More information: Check here

How to make money writing book reviews
Once you’ve got the hang of reviewing books, you’ll want to develop a site or niche where you can publish your work yourself, such as a fan page or a blog. It helps to establish you as an expert, and puts the focus on you as a reviewer/brand, as opposed to Amazon reviews, which people may not associate as much with the review authors. It also serves to gather your prose/writing in one area/profile, which you can then use later as evidence of your skills.
Often, the books you receive from these relationships are Advance Reader Copies. It is a “rough draft” of the book produced for first readers and reviewers. These cost less to produce and can be sent out early, even if the final book isn’t completely done.

How to make money writing book reviews
While many of these resources pay money, some pay with copies of the book or magazine. Check payment details before you pitch or apply. Depending on who you sign up with, the work can be intermittent, and payment can be a bit slow. As a result, you may not make a full-time, or steady income writing book reviews.
Another option is writing for a dedicated book review publication whose sole purpose is reviewing books. A handful of websites and apps have popped up in recent years that pay for reviews. A few to check out include Any Subject Books, Kirkus, and U.S. Review of Books.

How to make money writing book reviews
Keep them in the back of your mind and take notes, if necessary, to keep your thoughts fresh when you prepare to write your review.
Once accepted as a reviewer, you’ll have 6 months of online access to up to 10 selections at a time to review. Once your review is accepted, you’ll receive a print copy of the book as a thank you.

How to make money writing book reviews
The company is looking for honest reviews of the books they send to members, and it is free to become a member. Online Book Club sends out books to you at no charge.
I don’t use social media for the club but have filled in my bookshelf and participated in the forums. It takes a while for sure but it’s worth having on the side in addition to other opportunities.