how to make money writing reviews for amazon

how to make money writing reviews for amazon

How to make money writing reviews for amazon
You don’t earn a huge amount of money per sale, but if you build up your blog traffic, you’ll get more sales, and earn more money.
Now, it’s important to note a few things before we get onto the methods for getting paid for Amazon reviews.

How to make money writing reviews for amazon
As you collect more experience you can be more picky about jobs as well as negotiate higher prices.
In her case, she mostly reviews to get a little extra cash and a range of free eBooks, and she’s happy doing that. In many instances, she’ll also write the review based on skimming the book, rather than reading it cover to cover. Nevertheless, even if she worked for dozens of different companies, her income would never be particularly high. It’s still trading dollars for hours, just like any other type of work.

Merchants have historically offered writers on Amazon free products or services in exchange for positive online write-ups. The practice became so rampant that Amazon updated its community guidelines last October to remove incentivized reviews. But still, many retailers are trying to get around the new policy, according to one top-ranked Amazon reviewer.
Many marketing jobs are far from glamorous. Take those toiling in the black market for positive reviews on Amazon.

How to make money writing reviews for amazon
3. Don’t pretend to be someone or something that you are not.
Tomoson: Tomoson is a website for influencer marketing. It provides you with deals, discounts, freebies and also paid opportunities. Influencers also come across brand campaigns and can become part of it. It has more than 90,000 influencers on their platform. You can receive Amazon products for free on this website and maybe get paid for it.

How to make money writing reviews for amazon
Fiverr used to be inundated with fake review offers, and while Fiverr fully complied with Amazon and banned sellers/restricted those sorts of gigs, there are plenty of people still trying to make a quick buck:
Anyway, Fiverr has a healthy mix of product, book, and Amazon review offerings, and while a lot of sellers are vying for free merchandise in exchange for their work, some clearly expect cash for a quick Amazon review or 5 star rating.