how to write a google review

how to write a google review

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How to write a google review
Here’s the process for how to leave a Google Review:
It’s difficult to beat the convenience of viewing a company’s location, hours, phone number, and reviews all in one place. That’s likely why Google reviews are one of the most popular and reliable forms of customer feedback. We’re all familiar with the process, because likely we go through the steps weekly, if not daily: search Google, scroll through listings, look at star ratings, and read the top reviews, all before making even as small of a decision as what ice cream place to visit. If they don’t have great reviews, you’re more likely to move on and try to find something better. That’s the power of Google reviews.

How to write a google review
Getting Google reviews is imperative if you want to boost word-of-mouth referrals online. Can you believe 85% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? With reviews, potential customers can see how their own neighbors liked an experience. They can make decisions based on real events (with the exception of fake reviews). This social nature requires input from you, the business, and it can be hard to keep up. Try review management software to save time and keep reviews coming in automatically.
Once you have the business pulled up, scroll down past the map until you find starred reviews. This is the review section. You should see five grey stars; that is where you can contribute your own star rating. It’s as simple as that! After you give a star rating, you will be prompted to write more about your experience and share an image if you want. You should see that there was no barrier to leaving a review even though you don’t have a Gmail account.

How to write a google review
Let’s start at the ground level. There are two different ways you can leave Google reviews; through a browser, or through the Google Maps App. The process is different for each, and yes, your customer will need a Google account to do it.
Click Spam & Policy and you will be taken to a page that looks like this:

How to write a google review
And if you’re a part of Local Guides , which is essentially Google’s version of Yelp, can also earn points for creating reviews — points that lead to badges on your profile, as well as “early access” to new Google features. If you’re trying to review a place that isn’t listed, Local Guides is also how you’d add the location to Google Maps so that you could review it.
Your reviews are public, so other people will be able to see your ” About me ” page, as well as other reviews and ratings you’ve posted, including any photos you added to those.