how to write a movie synopsis

how to write a movie synopsis

How to write a movie synopsis
This example clues us in on the way to write and summarize even a complicated story.
What about this one from Ransom provided by Writer’s Digest?

How to write a movie synopsis
If there’s one plight that aspiring screenwriters share, it’s getting a screenplay read by “the right people,” i.e. industry people. But one of the most overlooked devices when pitching a screenplay is a tightly written film synopsis that sells the core concept and story.
The best way to think of a movie synopsis is as a short story version of your script. It is simply your script’s main plot written in prose and condensed down to a single page.

How to write a movie synopsis
More Shaker phone calls come, and threats are exchanged. Despite the pleading of Kate and the FBI, Tom publicly ups the bounty to $4 million. Shaker calls and fires a gunshot, making the Mullens believe Sean is dead. Tom collapses from despair. Meanwhile, Shaker’s cohorts all want to abandon the plan, kill the boy, and leave town. Realizing his plan has unraveled, Shaker kills his remaining co-conspirators, under the guise that he, a policeman, came upon an apartment where the tenants opened fire. Sean is found and rescued, and Shaker is hailed as a hero cop by the media.
News of the shooting/ransom appears all over the NYC media, adding to Tom’s problems. Shaker sets up another drop, but Tom surprises everyone by appearing on live TV and saying he will pay no ransom. Instead, he offers the $2 million as a bounty on the kidnapper’s head. He says if Sean is released, he will press no charges. The bold move is met by disapproval by the media, the FBI, and most especially Kate, who screams at her husband to take back the bounty and pay the ransom. Tom explains that he would pay any amount of money if he really thought Sean would truly be returned, but he believes the kidnappers have no intention of giving Sean back; therefore, a bounty is his best option. Kate is unconvinced.

Here, then, are some guidelines on writing an effective synopsis:
Action Include as much detail as is necessary to capture the essence of an action sequence, but be stingy with the detail. Focus on the elements that make a particular action sequence or set-piece unique and exciting, writing in rhythms that capture the pacing and punctuation you intend to achieve on screen.

How to write a movie synopsis
A synopsis is a largely misunderstood and widely varied piece of writing.
Write in a way that the visual sense of your script comes through in your writing. This’ll give reader a better sense of what your film is going to look like.