how to write a review on cnn

how to write a review on cnn

CNN’s latest reviews on the Apple App Store.
When one 4chan user started a thread called Operation: Mobile Assault , a digital lynch mob of online users took to other message boards and social media channels to spread the call to action. Thousands of negative reviews later, the CNN app is now stuck with a 1-star rating in the Apple App Store.

How to write a review on cnn
Cons: Ads can distract students or link them to unrelated or inappropriate content.
CNN 10 is a feature of the CNN website where middle and high school students can get news in 10-minute video segments. On the CNN 10 home page or YouTube page, students will find the video of the day followed by recent videos. The main feature is the daily news report by high-energy broadcaster Carl Azuz, posted Monday through Friday from August to May. These segments feature the news of the day paired with background info. Each story comes with a transcript. Friday stories also offer a printable weekly news quiz with 10 questions covering the week’s stories.

Sanders’ campaign’s answer was to start its own YouTube channel; probably not the cure for what ails our news. But I share the frustration that Shakir went on air to express, with the panel discussions, the talking heads, the takes. And I’m as impressed with the reporting as President Trump is incensed by it. (None of this is taking into account that there’s also CNN International—that this is one media company that actually has staff working to bring information to people around the world.)
I think about it when I watch Chris Cuomo bring on bad guests , and when I ponder his half-comprehensible interviews with Rudy Giuliani or Cory Lewandowski. I think about it when I see online skepticism over Jake Tapper’s breaking story that the Ukraine whistleblower was a Democrat, and debate over whether he should have brought on dishonest guests like Rep. Jim Jordan in the first place. I think about it when CNN announces that they tried to get someone from the White House or Republican Senate or House leadership to come on their network but that nobody would—and when CNN is in turn asked why it has been trying to get “ reactionary liars ” to come on air to lie. And I think about whether at times like these CNN is adding to, not cutting through, the noise and confusion.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re the one who can’t throw out that old typewriter or theone who’s already waiting in line for the new iPhone, CNN.com/Tech is worth a look.
Content: This is the source for everything that CNN covers with respect to technology. News and opinions can be found here, along with practical tips for parents and teachers.

How to write a review on cnn
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