how to write a review on facebook

how to write a review on facebook

How to write a review on facebook
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  • Make sure your Facebook page is regularly updated and you have a Social Media Marketing Strategy in place. Building awareness of your brand on social will mean it’s a ‘desirable’ place to be checking into; a place people want to be associated with.
  • If you’re a restaurant, you could encourage people to check-in when giving out the WiFi code. In a shop, a photobooth could be set up with a reminder to post your image with a check-in. Even at events, checking in should be encouraged not only to build awareness, but also prompt Facebook to send review requests.

How to write a review on facebook
Search for the business you want to leave a Review for.

  • Consumers trust Reviews only if it translates to them as authentic.
  • On average, 88% of online shoppers make a purchase decision based on Reviews.
  • On average, 84% of customers place the same level of trust in online Reviews as they do a personal recommendation.
  • Consumers say their primary motivation for leaving an online Review is to “help other people”.

How to write a review on facebook
Particularly for local, service-based businesses, Facebook is king. Many people will search for your type of business on Facebook (or post a status asking friends for recommendations) before they turn to Google or Bing. This blog post will go over the ways you can work on getting Facebook reviews so your company can rise to the top of the pack.
Social media plays an important role in local businesses today. If you’re a business with an online presence, you’d be seriously remiss if you didn’t have an active Facebook business Page. (Not to be confused with your personal FB account.) With your business’s Facebook Page, you’re able to collect reviews from people who have checked into your place of business, which is crucial if you want any shot at securing any of the website’s 1.37 billion daily active users as your own customers.

How to write a review on facebook
3. To the right of that menu, you’ll see a box asking if you would recommend this place.
Here’s how you can write a review on Facebook.

How to write a review on facebook
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If your business has a large staff, consider a LinkedIn company page . Highlight the talent running your business and attract new employees (and even some customers) with industry hashtags.