i want to write something

i want to write something

I want to write something
If it’s a short story, flash fiction, or even a novel you’re in pursuit of, these topic ideas will get the words flowing.
You may have already broadly covered a topic like “How to Write a Blog Post.” Take a look at some of your big picture posts and hone in on a specific detail. In this case, you might write about something like “How to Write a Great Title” or “How to Craft an Opening Hook.”

I want to write something
If you want to be a writer when you “grow up,” you have to write. You have to submit your work. You have to be rejected. You have to write something anyway.
“I write because I know I’m meant to. I know that I need to. It’s good for my soul. It con­nects me to the human race. It feeds me.”

I want to write something
All you have to do is begin and trust process.
Just write something. Anything at all. Just put words to paper. Place fingers on keys and start moving. Creativity lives off momentum, and it dies from inertia.

I want to write something
There’s a reason book lists are so popular, and it’s because readers see them as a starting place when searching for new material. The secret is to drill your book list down to a hyper-specific point or takeaway, and then curate the best of the best.
What are you currently doing to spark that change? What habits are you trying to change in your own life? What inspired you to create this change? Who are you really doing it for?

I want to write something
If you were writing an article on your favorite topic, it only had to be 250 words, and didn’t have to have any sort of structure to it, so, just writing about that topic till you hit that magic number. How long would that take you?
The best way to shoot better free throws is to shoot more free throws.