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myuni leeds

Leeds can get pretty chilly once winter is in full swing, and sometimes, you just need to be transported to a faraway escape. While your bank account may not allow an actual holiday, Tiki Hideaway will give you a taste of tropical luxury, in the heart of the city. Serving two cocktails for £12 at selected times Wednesday-Saturday, it’s a great excuse to shake off a hard day’s studying.
Every awful hangover is a right of passage at uni, all you can do is make sure you’re well hydrated and well fed. Luckily, Absurd Bird is on hand to give you soul-warming comfort food from the deep south. Their sharing buckets of monster wings are perfect for groups of students with sore heads; there’s also mouthwatering chicken and waffle trays and classic burgers to chow down, and shots of moonshine if you need a little hair of the dog.

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If you’re interested in checking out other talent performing at Live at Leeds, give this Spotify playlist go and we’ll see you there!

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Because you’re connected via IMAP if you read an email at home it’ll show up as read when you access your uni email from another location. Anyway, sounds like you got it all sorted out.
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