pgce essay examples

pgce essay examples

Pgce essay examples
5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. As well as the support offered by your provider, there are lots of ways to network with other trainee teachers. These include Facebook groups, dedicated education websites, etc. Do some Googling and you’ll be surprised how many people are in the same boat as you.
Here are our top 5 tips for tackling your PGCE assignments.

Pgce essay examples
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Last week was our first back at university after a leisurely, month-long Christmas break. But as with all university “vacations”, the mulled-wine-infused stupor was, even in late December, tinged with the guilt of that distant knowledge that we had two assignments to hand in mid-January. Nobody contemplated working before New Year: rightly so, in my opinion, as we were all in great need of a break after the damp autumnal depression and fatigue of our first school placement. By the end of the first week of January, as serious procrastination set in, we all had exceptionally clean bathrooms, fully comprehensive filing systems, and neat piles of books arranged according to size, colour, theme, etc. Soon enough we all felt the metaphorical whip cracking, and got down to our assignments – only to find they were not so hard after all! The PGCE is a busy course, so it’s important not to make work for yourself. Do the assignment and hand it in. It’s a pass/fail issue, and you won’t fail unless you really don’t follow the brief. What really matters is the teaching practice, and that you care about being a well-prepared and professional teacher. Our work was due in last week, and alongside the nasty deadlines we had a day of mock interviews, professional studies presentations to deliver, and a meeting with our school mentors. I was incapable of mustering up anything more than a half-hearted attitude towards the work we were doing, and personally I’m looking forward to teaching practice again. Despite the physical and emotional demands of being in the classroom, there is very little opportunity to procrastinate, and you do have a sense that your work really matters. There’s a little window of time in which to prepare your lessons, and you just have to get on with it. It also means that, for those with perfectionist tendencies, there is a time limit: it’s important to learn that you do as much as you can, and then you stop. I’m back in school tomorrow, so get ready to hear about the shock of the second placement. We’re actually going to have to do a lot of teaching this time.
Hi! I’m training to teach English in secondary school. I’ll be writing something each week about the experience of teacher training, the PGCE course and the day-to-day reality of teaching practice. I completed my first school placement in December, which to my pleasant surprise went very well. The university-based part of my course is divided into two aspects of training: subject studies, which for me is English, and professional studies, which covers everything teaching involves outside your own subject area (issues such as classroom management, the role of the form tutor, legal matters, and career development). We have two assignments to hand in before the next school placement begins, so I’ll be writing something about that aspect of the course over the next couple of weeks. I am fortunate to have two excellent university tutors, so I’ll also give you an idea about some of the work we do, and what kind of help and support you can expect as a PGCE student. Then from late January I’ll be back in school for an extended period of teaching practice, which is when the fun really starts! I’ll be filling you in on my progress, successes and failures over the course of my second placement, and aim to give you a good idea of what the steep learning curve of teacher training is really like, from the point of view of the trainee.

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Pgce essay examples
The Library can offer you extra support because you are studying/working at a distance from the campus.
Make sure you complete the Library and IT Essentials course on the Digital Learning Environment (DLE) to understand how it all works and the rules and regulations.