reviews.co.uk review

reviews.co.uk review

Reviews.co.uk review
But just how much of an influence will reviews have on a prospective customer? A study from Podium published in The Drum found that 93% of customers say online reviews impact their purchasing decision, making it crucial for a company to engage with online review platforms.
Anyone who was to search for the brand’s Glasgow store would see the rating of the brand from each of these platforms, influencing their perception of the store before they have even visited the website.

Reviews.co.uk is a British company founded in 2010, offering a technologically advanced reviews platform. As other review platforms, the company has a consumer-facing side as well as a business offering. With that said, they do state that they do not accept responsibility for “the accuracy or completeness of contributions” made by reviewers, and the company “does not read through or edit contribution added”, unlike other review platforms.
Trustpilot is a Danish company that was founded in 2007 and primarily serves the European and North American markets. With over 500 employees, they are one of the biggest and most established consumer-facing review sites in the world. Their license agreement with Google allows reviews generated on Trustpilot to be listed as Google Seller Ratings.

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Reviews.co.uk review
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One of the things that you will notice is that not all of the online review companies that are out there will be able to push ratings to Google PLAs and to your Google AdWords ads. In fact, most of the companies that offer their services to the public are only able to syndicate ratings to organic traffic.

Reviews.co.uk review
Above all there are significant differences in the average ratings between Google reviews and other independent review services.
Also, users find that using Google reviews is not always as easy as other services, despite the recent improvements Google have made to the review collection process.