sample employee comments on performance review examples

sample employee comments on performance review examples

Needs Improvement:
Meets Requirements:

Carol shows an awareness of how much time she has left on a project and sets her agenda accordingly.
Troy needs to develop a more positive relationship with his employees.

Sample employee comments on performance review examples
Here are a few employee performance appraisal comments to stir innovation and creativity:
a. “You fail to communicate with your peers effectively and this is causing a lot of misunderstanding within the team.”
b. “Your direct and impersonal approach to handling discussions is ineffective in boosting the morale of those around you.”
c. “You need improvement in replying to emails promptly.”
d. “You humiliate peers on a regular basis.”
e. “He interrupts others in discussions and important meetings.”

Sample employee comments on performance review examples

  1. Displays a practical approach to solving problems
  2. Develops creative solutions
  3. Turns problems into opportunities
  4. Effectively solves problems rather than symptoms
  5. Is skilled in proposing optional solutions
  1. Completed X project with X results
  2. Sets realistic timetables to keep projects on target
  3. Is transparent with a project’s progress
  4. Makes effective use of all available resources when given a project
  5. Clearly establishes project goals and objectives

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Review past and present performance. If you only do formal reviews once a year, it’s easy to provide feedback only for things that are fresh in your mind. Aside from providing regular, informal feedback to your employees, you should also take some time in between evaluations to make a note of any significant moments or achievements each staff member has. Though it may feel like more work at the time, it could significantly improve the value of your performance reviews.