sample of a movie review

sample of a movie review

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Roughly speaking, a film review is a short description aimed at providing the potential viewer with the information about its strengths and weaknesses. The style of a review is reader-oriented and can be either formal or informal. The main grammar peculiarity is the preferential use of present tenses. As for the structural peculiarities, a review normally contains the following parts:

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Sample of a movie review
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If you wish to know how to write a movie review, then you are on the right page. A movie review forms part of essays college students writes. While many cinema-loving students find it interesting, others don’t. A film review does not mean writing what happened in a film; instead, it involves doing a critical assessment of the same.

  • Scenario. The core of any film is the scenario. Even if it is a well-written play or story, it may be ruined with poor direction and implementation. Dialogue, scenes, characters, the completeness of the scenes, the logical sequence of events, the climax, and other details are all included in the scenario. As a critical audience, we leave a subjective point of view about certain events that took place in the movie and whether the director and screenwriter have succeeded in presenting a complete picture.
  • Directing. Simply talking, the director is a kind of art manager. It is the director who decides how this or that actor will perform, how this or that scene will be filmed, and much more. Also, you can conduct a brief analysis of the director’s previous activities: what genre of movies are more commonly filmed, which films were successful, and which ones failed. Then you can connect this experience with the current movie and make a conclusion.
  • Acting. Think about the actors. Has the director made the right choice of actors? Do actors fit their roles? If you think that another actor will be a better choice, describe why.
  • Operator’s work. The operator’s work is guided by the director, but still the operator is responsible for maintaining composition and camera angles of every scene. For the first time you can analyze whether the scenes look good and are in harmony. Every operator has a unique style that can be distinguished from other works. Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch are great examples of directors that showed great collaboration with operators and composers.
  • Music. The right music can add more feeling to a picture. Try to watch “The Green Mile” with the music from “Frozen.” It will be weird, right? Evaluate how music corresponds to the scene or the overall mood of the film. With the help of music, a director can create a certain atmosphere for different genres.
  • Visualization (visual effects, costumes, make-up artists). This criterion is important especially for those films like fantasy or historical films, where costumes play a significant role in creating the overall picture. Don’t fall into the common trap of beginners blaming the film for historical mismatch of costumes. Many films use such mismatching as specific stylization. For fiction, the audience will be waiting for great visual effects, so don’t forget to evaluate its quality and realism.

No matter whether you have already used movie review sample essays for writing your papers or not, you may be surprised that you have already conducted some of these mistakes but didn’t realize it. Many students search for sample papers over the internet and most of them get into all sorts of traps. Forewarned is forearmed. Let’s start!

There is another thing that can make your review more promising. You should rewatch the movie one more time after you have done writing. This way, you can make sure that you did not misinterpret or misrepresent anything from the movie. No one could remember every scene or tone used by actors, so it is important that you focus on the details rather than take notes and pause the movie. Pay attention to nuances and compare them to your review. This would help you interpret the messages from the movie correctly.
Descriptive examples are important because they play a role in backing up your statement when you analyze the movie. You can give examples by describing the way a person acted in the movie, camera angles, lighting, or the way scenes are interpreted. You can also quote dialogue from a particular scene that would help in making your statement stronger. This is how you give readers the feeling of the movie and go on to convey your message about it at the same time.