see your reviews on amazon

see your reviews on amazon

See your reviews on amazon
2. Click “Accounts & Lists,” located toward the top-right corner of the screen.
For those who aren’t sure, here’s how to find your reviews on Amazon.

See your reviews on amazon
It looks like three common situations have emerged that users have reported.

  • 1. Deleted Reviews: Sellers have seen their sales numbers go up, but the number of reviews goes down. This can be extremely frustrating to sellers who are methodical and don’t skip any steps, like using an Amazon feedback tool to request a review from every buyer.
  • 2. Blocked Reviews: This situation can be a tricky one, as sellers don’t usually know about it unless the buyer has told them they can’t leave a review. Shoppers have reported getting messages that tell them the product is ineligible to receive reviews, however, it’s unknown how long that is before the block has been lifted.
  • 3. Throttled Reviews: The consensus appears to be that when a product has a review limit on it, it tends to be around 3-5 per day. There also seem to be different throttle limits depending on if the review is verified or unverified.

See your reviews on amazon
We’ve done our best to provide you with the Amazon aptitude necessary to bring in great Amazon reviews. Do you have additional Amazon advice? Share it in the comment section!

  • Push on-the-fence buyers into a purchase
  • Convince consumers to buy your product over alternatives
  • Assure customers of quality
  • Serve as word of mouth recommendations

See your reviews on amazon
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Amazon is one of the world’s largest online retailers, which allows its customers to buy and sell items. Its users can purchase and buy clothes, electronics, games, baby goods, books, furniture, house supplies, and so much more on this website, and get these things delivered to them in a timely fashion. Some people would like to know how to use Amazon my reviews section, and here is your handy guide to this vital part of the site.

See your reviews on amazon
Go to the product details page of your product, find the questionable review, and click “report abuse”.
Comments or answers by vendors will be highlighted with a “Manufacturer Badge” if they are enrolled in Amazon’s “Official Contributions Program”. The blue label shows an authentic relationship with the product and adds trustworthiness to the response.