text to give reviews

text to give reviews

Text to give reviews
Hands down, Txt2Give’s greatest strength is empowering a non-cash-and-check generation to give as an act of worship.
Txt2Give does not store or receive any credit card information. Period. All cardholder data is transmitted to and stored securely in our payment processor’s system. Your donors can rest assured their data is safe when they make their mobile donation.

Text to give reviews
A strong fundraising strategy needs donor data to steward supporters to increase future gifts, sign on as recurring donors, or soft launch a new campaign. Without access to this data, you’re stuck in the realm of “I think” versus standing in the concrete world of “I know.” That, in turn, can potentially diminish your future fundraising efforts and lower your overall revenue.
The link takes you directly to their mobile responsive Classy fundraising page, complete with branding, story, and impact levels.

Text to give reviews
Best for Online Giving
When you register your organization for text-to-give, you receive a unique mobile giving number for your nonprofit and you have the opportunity to set unlimited text-to-give keywords. This way, donors can quickly and easily make a donation on-the-go with just a few clicks of a button!

Text to give reviews
There have also been caps in the past on how many times a donor can donate within a given period.
The money you raise is the money you keep.

Text to give reviews
OneCause is a fantastic choice not only for the overall quality of its text-to-give services but also because its mobile giving support integrates beautifully with the entire OneCause suite of online fundraising tools.
The price varies based on the package you choose for your nonprofit, so contact Double the Donation directly for more information.