things to wright about

things to wright about

Things to wright about
The best idea for your next book is closer than you think. Before you go to sleep tonight, make the intention (written, spoken, or both) of choosing the best book idea to explore the next day, and give your subconscious mind a chance to work on it while you sleep.
So, why not be grateful when you’re reminded of your ignorance, because it gives you the perfect excuse to keep learning?

Some people wonder why a quick writing prompt generator is needed when there are plenty of these types of lists on the Internet. This online tool adds a few advantages that the lists don’t have that can make it easier to use for some. Below you can find some of the more common ways the writing prompt tool is used.
If you’re looking for inspiration for your writing, this tool can be a helpful way to find it. With hundreds of interesting things to write about in the database, you are bound to come across writing prompts that’ll be fun things to write about. The unexpected results should help to inspire your writing, especially if you’ve been experiencing writer’s block. While not all of the results will create instant inspiration, there should be enough that do to get your writing juices flowing.

Things to wright about
You are sure to come up with more ideas or more details to add to your existing notes at the most random times. When something comes to mind, record it right away!
Your passions list will really help you narrow this one down.

Things to wright about
Have you read anything amazing lately? Why not create a quick summary and review that book? Book reviews can help the author reach more people and also help you introduce your audience to something that was life-changing for you.
Have you read a post online lately that you completely disagreed with? Then, vent your frustrations to your audience! Create a counterpoint article that lays out a case for an opposing view.

Things to wright about
We have a natural tendency to anthropomorphize animals by imagining or assuming they have human characteristics, so take it to the extreme. Write about what your dog would be like if he were a person. How would your cat navigate a derisive business meeting if she were a CEO? Your ball python is now a used car salesman. Go!
You may have already broadly covered a topic like “How to Write a Blog Post.” Take a look at some of your big picture posts and hone in on a specific detail. In this case, you might write about something like “How to Write a Great Title” or “How to Craft an Opening Hook.”