uk top 10 chart

uk top 10 chart

Uk top 10 chart
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With the addition of “Break My Heart,” Dua Lipa has now appeared inside the top 10 in the U.K. with nine singles.

UK Chart History changed direction as the digital age became more mainstream. The invention of compression algorithms which reduced the size of digital audio files was the catalyst which sparked an explosion in file downloads as a distribution medium and signalled the decline of the conventional single embodied by a piece of plastic and its replacement by a digital file. The UK record industry bowed to the inevitable and in 2005 the BBC played its last UK top 40 show based on record sales alone and digital downloads were included along with physical record sales, albeit with very strict rules as to what could be counted and what excluded. Over the next few years, these rules were relaxed somewhat as digital downloads continued to take market share from conventional record sales. The chart rules can be seen at The Official UK Charts Company site.
In 1978, the charts expanded to a top 75 and when Gallup replaced the British Market Research Bureau as the body which collected the sales data and compiled the charts, they expanded it to a top 100. In 1990, Chart Information Network Ltd. or C.I.N. (later renamed as The Official UK Charts Company in 2001) was formed to take over responsibility of chart production. Gallup were initially retained to gather the sales data but in 1994, Gallup’s contract expired and was not renewed. Millward Brown (a subsidiary of advertising and communication giant WPP) replaced Gallup. They installed e.p.o.s. terminals to collect the sales data and expanded the number of outlets used to collect the data to around 1600.

Uk top 10 chart
What’s different now is that the dominance of streaming rewards passivity – repeat listening – rather than active discovery. Streaming is a measure of a person’s available listening time, which concentrates the vote into the hands of a certain group who love playing the same tracks over and over. The public’s most prevalent tastes are thus revealed in gory detail, even though the focus on enduring popularity is like ranking the most popular supermarket purchases. Milk and bread will always dominate the upper echelons, with occasional exceptions for weeks when Saturday Kitchen does something cheeky with tamarind paste and everyone ransacks the specialist aisle.

Ed Sheeran’s ÷ is an absolute outlier. And you shouldn’t change rules for extreme cases

Uk top 10 chart
The third installment in the Bad Boys series is one of three new entries in the UK film chart’s Top 10 along with Little Women , in at #4, and Bombshell at #8.
It slips down to the #2 spot this week having been knocked off by the return of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys For Life .

Uk top 10 chart
The official UK film chart is aggregated from sales on DVD and Blu-Ray as well as digital download sales.
Films making way for the new entries are family-friendly flicks Spies In Disguise and Sonic The Hedgehog as well as Birds Of Prey featuring Margot Robbie as the vivacious Harley Quinn.