what is a reveiw

what is a reveiw

What is a reveiw
1576, in the meaning defined at transitive sense 1
Definition of review (Entry 2 of 2)

If the gentleman himself were to review his own political history, he doubted whether it would be found to be always consistent.
Thereafter he devoted himself to writing, chiefly for the Quarterly Review , and to hunting.

What is a reveiw
There are different types of review articles, and they are all fundamentally important in helping people enhance their knowledge.
An individual writing a review article should consider previous evidence on the study phenomenon when writing a review. It is essential to take into account this evidence and use it as a basis to come up with ideas and theories for the review.

review, reexamine (verb)
The troops assembled for a review by the Queen.

What is a reveiw
What is REVIEW? What does REVIEW mean? REVIEW meaning – REVIEW pronunciation – REVIEW definition – REVIEW explanation – How to pronounce REVIEW?
A peer review is the process by which scholars or scientists assess the work of their colleagues that has been submitted for publication in the scientific or scholarly literature.