what is something to write about

what is something to write about

What is something to write about
Or maybe you’re thinking, “Just ten good ideas — any ideas — and I’ll pour myself a glass of something nice and watch another episode of Superstore.”
But the writing idea machine is jammed again. And you’re still wondering what topics to write about.

What is something to write about
Take a page out of Hollywood’s book: Write a sequel! Yours would be a followup to a previous post that did well.
One of the easiest ways to get your pen flowing (or keys clicking) is to teach something that you already know how to do well. Simply pretend that a friend of yours emailed you, asking for advice on how to do something. Lay out the steps, and you’ll find yourself with a great piece of content in no time!

What is something to write about
Whatever it is, your passions are there waiting to be turned into a book idea.
If you don’t, you could simply ask them what they think you should write about. You might get responses like “I would love to read about your experience with _____” or “I think you could really tell this story well.”

What is something to write about

We think your writing is beautiful.

No one is successful one hundred percent of the time. Let down your guard and tell your readers about a time you failed. They’ll find your struggle relatable, and they’ll be inspired by your story of how you overcame the failure and learned from it.

What is something to write about
While these ideas are great jumping-off points, I want to empower you to come up with new subjects on your own. In the next section, you’ll learn five effective ways to do the same.
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