what to put in a book review

what to put in a book review

Cover the author’s style of writing and look at his or her cohesion, clarity, flow of the text, and use of precise words.
What genre is the book? Is it fiction or nonfiction?

What to put in a book review
Let’s take a closer look at each element.
The three main steps of writing a book review are simple:

What to put in a book review

Suggest that a child outline the book review before writing, using one paragraph for each point he or she wants to make about the book.

Are the main characters believable? Do you know anyone like them? Does the author adequately describe them?

What to put in a book review
Referring to a book review example is highly useful to those who wish to get a clearer understanding of how to review a book. Take a look at our examples written by our professional writers. Click on the button to open the book review examples and feel free to use them as a reference.

Kenneth Grahame’s ‘The Wind in the Willows’ is a novel aimed at youngsters. The plot, itself, is not American humor, but that of Great Britain. In terms of sarcasm, and British-related jokes.
The novel illustrates a fair mix of the relationships between the human-like animals, and wildlife. The narrative acts as an important milestone in post-Victorian children’s literature.

    Include title, author, place, publisher, publication date, edition, pages, special features (maps, etc.), price, ISBN.

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