where to write reviews

where to write reviews

Where to write reviews
Writing helpful reviews is a great way to be an active part of the Trustpilot community. You’ll help other consumers make better informed decisions when they buy something, while at the same time, companies can use your input to provide better service to future customers. Everyone wins when you write reviews!
If you can’t find a company on Trustpilot, don’t worry! You can still review them. Create a new company profile page and be the first person to review a business.

MerchantCircle aims to connect customers with deals, advice and price quotes from local small businesses. The search functions are structured primarily by city and business category. By default, it ranks the listings from highest rated and most frequently reviewed, working its way down.
The modern consumer thrives on information. Before making a buying decision, customers have long sought out the opinions and experiences of others to inform themselves as to whether a company is creditable or not. Today, this process is quick, easy, and accessible to anyone with a computer and internet connection.

Where to write reviews
Updated on February 18th 2020
There’s one caveat though: the reviews need to be good and authentic.

Where to write reviews
Writing a book review? Grammarly has tips and tricks for how to keep your review informative, enlightening, and kind.
If you need more direction, Grammarly has a few great places to start.

Where to write reviews
It’s free to set up a page for your company. Once you have yours, encourage your customers who are on Angie’s List to leave reviews there — members are the only ones allowed to do it!
A lot of their content is free, but customers can become members for £10.75 per month to get access to a “Best Buys” and “Don’t Buy” list, the latest reviews of products from their test labs, and access to their consumer legal advice service.