word choice checker

word choice checker

Scribens employs a sophisticated syntaxical recognition algorithm that detects even the most subtle errors in a text. In offering you an advanced correction software, Scribens allows you to significantly improve the quality of your writing.
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Word choice checker

  • Prevention: Using your own words, write down the key points of the phrase or idea, and put them together in a sentence. Be sure to include a citation as well.

The EasyBib Plus writing tool provides quick, targeted feedback that you can use to help improve your writing immediately. Also, our free resource library is available 24/7, just like the rest of our tools, to help you brush up on the areas that challenge you the most (Conjunctive what? Uncountable who?) That means you can continue to sharpen your skills and improve your writing over time, which will help make finishing your next project easier.

If some words sound weak or awkward or do not fit, the writer should use a thesaurus to find similar words that may be better choices. A thesaurus can be found in book form, online, or in Microsoft® Word. This resource is also a very effective tool for finding replacements for repeated words. If the author is not sure that a word is used correctly, he or she should find that word in a dictionary. Many online dictionaries are available. Properly chosen words will sound natural and lend credibility to the writing.

  • Do any words sound weak or awkward?
  • Do any words simply not fit the meaning of what I wanted to convey?
  • Are some words repeated too often?
  • Are all of the words used correctly?
  • Am I using big words that do not fit into the sentence?
  • Will my audience understand my words?
  • Do the words fit the voice?

Word choice checker
And of course, the fact that the site is completely free to use for all of your grammar needs makes it a very attractive option. Why spend money on a service that we provide you with for free?
It will check your writing for use of passive voice, and show you how to change the text to active voice, making your writing stronger, your statements bolder and the reader’s experience better.

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English is a difficult language, so using correct grammar and diverse vocabulary will set you apart from the crowd. Using good sentence structure and wording improves your content’s impact and readability while building your readers’ trust. Slick Write goes beyond spell checking to teach you the habits of effective writers. How does your writing rate?