write a good yelp review

write a good yelp review

Write a good yelp review
Keep in mind what a business is trying to achieve, and review against that. Update reviews if you’re a regular, and it’s been a bit since you last wrote about the business.
Some other tips for keeping eyeballs on your reviews: Re-read and edit before hitting “Post Review.” Use humor, but steer clear of sarcasm and inside jokes.

Write a good yelp review
Click any of those links to get to your desired area.
Next you arrive at a page where Yelp wants to find out more about you, such as your gender, and birth date, but you needn’t fill it in; that information is optional. Yelp would also like to help you to find those of your e-mail contacts who are registered members of the site.

Write a good yelp review
1. Open up a web browser, go to Yelp.com, and log into your account.
While Yelp is a valuable source for information when selecting a business, there may come a time when you want to write a Yelp review yourself, and help other users make an informed decision.

Write a good yelp review
Since straight up asking for Yelp reviews is not allowed, you should never word it as “Write a Yelp review about us.” Instead, beside each link, write something like, “Check out our Yelp page!” or “See what our customers are saying on Yelp!” The direct link will encourage more of your customers to click through. And, once they’re already on your Yelp page, it’s highly likely they will contribute their own review.
Well, it’s by not buying them.

Write a good yelp review
Some filtered reviews below:

  • Adding the reviewer as a friend
  • Upvoting the review as funny, useful, cool, etc.
  • Sending the reviewer a compliment (Yelp’s tool for letting other Yelpers call a user out for an awesome review)