write a review for a business

write a review for a business

Write a review for a business
Reviews on Trustpilot shouldn’t contain information that identifies people — such as names, phone numbers or addresses. Please note that name abbreviations, initials, describing a person’s physical characteristics or referring to their unique job title (such as CEO, owner, receptionist) may also lead to a person being identified and shouldn’t be used in your review. We also don’t allow reviewers to use their review to promote other companies. For example, the author of this review could be asked to edit it:
Trustpilot is a platform that companies can access for free. Reviews are public, but that doesn’t guarantee that the reviewed company will see your feedback. If you have an urgent problem, you should contact the company directly.

Write a review for a business
Writing helpful reviews is a great way to be an active part of the Trustpilot community. You’ll help other consumers make better informed decisions when they buy something, while at the same time, companies can use your input to provide better service to future customers. Everyone wins when you write reviews!
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Write a review for a business
If you own a business, you know that while it’s not hard to leave a Google review, it’s not very convenient for your customers to take those steps. Those who do go out of their way to leave a review are often among the small minority who may have had a negative experience, meaning your Google reviews don’t reflect how the huge majority of your happy satisfied customers feel. Luckily there are ways to shorten that process and make it so easy for your customers to leave a review, they can do it in seconds.

  1. Open your internet browser
  2. Search Google for a local business
  3. Click Write a Review, found by scrolling down on a business’s listing or by clicking on their reviews in Google Maps
  4. A sign-in box will appear if you’re not signed in; you will need to sign into your Google account to leave a review
  5. After signing in, you will be given the option to select a certain number of stars for the company and write out details of your experience(s)
  6. Click Post after selecting a star rating (leaving a description is optional).

Write a review for a business
Take into consideration the target clientele of the business. For instance, if you’re a picky gourmet who typically dines at upscale eateries, you’re probably not going to be enamored with a family friendly restaurant whose waiters wear clown costumes. This is not, however, a good reason to criticize the entire venue. Because you’re not their targeted demographic, you need to put yourself in the shoes of families who are and evaluate whether the restaurant is a good value for their time and money and a fun place to take small children.
Research whether a negative experience was just a one-time glitch or the norm for the business you’re reviewing. There may be extenuating circumstances you were unaware of. For example, a power outage that impacted the delivery of the product, a new hire who took longer to process a request than a seasoned pro, the death of an immediate family member in a one-person business or shop, or a relocation. Bringing a mistake or inconvenience to the attention of the business owner will often yield an explanation, an apology and/or an invitation to give the business a second chance – all of which should be taken into account when writing your review.

Users pay a membership fee to access and write the reviews, which come in the form of a letter grade. Businesses that sign up for Angie’s List can interact with members, establish a profile and respond to reviews about their company. The highest-rated businesses can also earn advertising for deals and discounts.
Collecting reviews for a business is just a piece of what ConsumerAffairs for Brands offers. When a business signs up, it grants access to all kinds of resources, such as articles on how reviews and a strong reputation can increase revenue, finding brand ambassadors, and how to convert negative customer experiences into positive ones.