writes using conventions

writes using conventions

Writes using conventions
Although they may not be aware that the overall goal is to make what they write easier to grasp, students will get plenty of instruction in each of the convention areas. If your student is struggling in one or more of these areas, be sure to remind them the reason behind their study. Knowing the why behind conventions can often help young writers over the hump of frustration.
Capitalization: Capitalization tells us when a new sentence begins (along with punctuation), when something is a proper name, or when something is a title. It helps us emphasize, or show the importance of certain words, and it helps us shorten long phrases into acronyms that take up less written space and are often easier to remember. The great news for students is that capitalization rules are hard and fast, so once learned, student’s shouldn’t have future struggles with them.

Writes using conventions
Diligently reinforce concepts by making sure your children are following conventions in their writing.
In addition, each kind of writing has its own conventions. For instance:

Active Voice – Use the active voice whenever possible. This means avoiding “to be” verbs: is, was, were, are, be, being, and been. These verbs tell instead of show. The active voice also allows you to be specific about character or setting. For example, “I have a puppy,” provides little detail, but “I chose the runt of the litter, a small, feisty Yorkshire terrier,” gives you a glimpse of a tiny dog with a big attitude.
Note that style does not necessarily mean grammatical. Sometimes a grammatically incorrect sentence has a better style than a grammatically correct one–which is to say that it moves the reader in a way that a grammatical version of the same sentence may not.

Each list includes grammar, language arts, and writing conventions skills. (Vocabulary skills are not included, nor are concepts that can be included in spelling instruction, like homophones.)
I’ve got you covered! In this “grammar skills by grade level” post, I’m listing out skills to teach in each grade level, K-2!