writing helpful reviews

writing helpful reviews

Writing helpful reviews
Trustpilot is a platform that companies can access for free. Reviews are public, but that doesn’t guarantee that the reviewed company will see your feedback. If you have an urgent problem, you should contact the company directly.
However, this version of the review is OK:

Writing helpful reviews
One of the biggest criticisms of online reviews is that too many of them are vindictive and targeted at specific individuals instead of addressing an actual complaint or issue. It can be tempting to praise a specific server at a restaurant by telling everyone on Yelp who they are, or to blast an apartment manager on Apartment Ratings by telling others to “look out for so-and-so,” but ultimately it makes your review less useful, even if it’s more bombastic. If the server is promoted to manager, or if the apartment manager was only filling in for a week, your review is already worthless and outdated. Instead, discuss the experience you had and omit individual names.
Even if you’re in the right mindset to start writing, you may still be at a loss for how to lay it all out. Let us help! This is a template review you can use just about anywhere. Just fill in the blanks with information relevant to your experience.

Eighty-three percent of travellers say they write reviews because ‘they want to share useful information with others’ and because ‘they find reviews helpful, so they want to give back.’
Why review?

Writing helpful reviews
I’ve happened to read such ‘commentary’ reviews. They often leave me with a bad impression of the reviewer more than the author, since it’s the reviewer’s mind that shows to me directly.
I think this kind of reviews tend to be quite generic and therefore not very helpful. When we only focus on the positive or the negative, we tend to fall into personal likings, which are in general quite unhelpful for both the author and other readers. I don’t need to explain why I’m not too fond of winter, it’s a personal taste. Both authors and other readers will likely be untouched by the news. But if I say that the story didn’t quite work for me because the winter setting was handled unrealistically — and maybe I even say why I find it unrealistic -, that’s information that the author may use to asset their construction of the story and the reader may use to decide whether a skilful writer writes the story.

Writing helpful reviews
That’s why it’s so important to write reviews that go beyond, “Packaging was great, product arrived intact.” (I’ve seen this review on Amazon. It was not helpful. Zero out of five, would not read again.)
Here’s how to turn your reviews into helpful discussions instead of the review version of Mad Libs.