writing something

writing something

Writing something
If you know there’s a topic you want to write about but you’re not sure which angle to take, head to Google. Open an incognito window (so your search won’t be influenced by your browsing history), navigate to Google, and type a few keywords related to your topic. Google’s autocomplete feature will start showing you popular search terms, and those may spark an idea.
Search Twitter for a relevant keyword or hashtag and look at what sorts of comments, questions, and articles people are sharing. Chances are good you’ll find inspiration.

to write something again, usually in a more complete form
to write or draw something quickly because you are in a hurry

Writing something
At the same time, being spiritual is different from being religious. Not everyone has a religion. But everyone has a spirituality, a worldview, some way of making sense of the universe. And out of that spirituality comes our best work.
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Writing something
It’s easier to write something every day than it is to write three times a week. When you write every day, it becomes a habit. When you write three times a week, it takes willpower. Willpower is a limited resource. It will fail you. Habits, on the other hand, can last for a lifetime.
Yes, the world really needs another story.

Writing something
You’re done writing about whatever it was you didn’t know about when you started!
There could be a search term you’ve missed, a useful magazine article, a book or a key fact you need to include.