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This course is divided into five modules taken over three terms (if studied full time) which take you through the full process of writing a novel. While exploring in depth such key techniques of fiction as plotting, narrative voice, characterisation and background research, each module is also designed to be flexible and to allow you to bring your own writing interests and projects to the assignments, extending the boundaries of your current practice through self-reflection, research, analysis, and creative exploration.
Through our online campus you can access the support of our experts, while interacting with others on the course, at a time to suit you, and you can choose to complete the course in one year (full-time) or over two (part-time) starting in October. From idea generation, to developing character and plot, to pitching your novel to publishers, this MA equips you to master your novel.

  • Course 1: Create Personal Success Online Certificate Course
  • Course 2 – Certificate in Organizational Skills Online Course
  • Course 3 – Certificate in Goal Setting & Getting Things Done Online Course

Creating a Workspace, Molding a Creative Life, Feeling the Fear of Starting, Knowing Your Reader (Continued)
Do you know your reader? Most new writers say, “Hey, of course I do!” But how well do you know your reader? If you’re at all vague about this, there may come a time when you’ll be frustrated and feel rejected by editors and agents and the audience you wish to attract. Writers need to know their readers thoroughly in order to write so that readers understand the message. That’s our focus today and it may be your biggest a-ha moment of the course.

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The application deadline for this course is midnight on Sunday 16 August 2020.

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The admins are not really admins. They always side with the customer, and are very rude to the writers. I don’t know if this has changed but I’m guessing it hasn’t. If you’re looking for a company where you’ll be treated with respect and dignity, look elsewhere. The pay is so so, and in my opinion this makes having to deal with administrators and terrible customers not worth it. The customers will often take advantage of you since they know the admins will always be in their corner. Numerous customers curse at you, and all the admins do is..well..nothing actually. It’s pretty hysterical how this company values making a quick buck over its most valued asset(s): the writers. Once again, I quit all the way back in 2017 and moved onto far better companies that treat writers fairly. There are a lot of terrible stories I can recount from being here and how unfair the disparities were between customers and writers. I have no doubt that more writers have left the company since 2017 than joined due to dissatisfaction.